98% of women find engineering rewarding – tcetoday

Survey finds early influence vital to career choice


Of the 98% who found the profession rewarding, 80% said that it was rewarding to see a project that they had been involved in come to fruition, for example Kate Leighton, a structural engineering with Curtins Consulting cited the pride in seeing families living in a housing development she had helped to design. Additionally, 87% of the female engineers surveyed said that their gender had not hindered them in their career.

The results of this survey give us perfect material to use in the drive to encourage more girls, young women and even boys to choose STEM subjects, because they can see how satisfied it makes people,” she says. “Not only does engineering offer a huge variety of career choices, but these jobs are rewarding and fulfilling – and they offer flexibility and a work/life balance – which can’t be said of many well-paid careers. The task now is for industry and education to work together to sell these messages to the next generation of young engineers.

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