Huddersfield women not giving engineering the cold shoulder – The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Women in engineering are still a rare breed but the industry needs to enrol more girls . That’s why Huddersfield apprentices Hayley Liddle and Emma Coverley are such important role models

“Engineering is not something that girls usually think about and they didn’t mention it to me at school,” -Hayley Liddle

According to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers women are under-represented at all levels in engineering.

Only 8.7% of those working in engineering in the UK are female, compared to 30% in Latvia (the EU country with the highest percentage).

At the moment only 2% of students on Mechanical Engineering courses at Huddersfield University are female.

“I saw a lady from Connexions who kept mentioning child care, beauty courses and hairdressing but I said I wanted to do engineering. I think people think it’s only for boys but I knew I was interested in it. – Emma Coverley

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