Women in Engineering: The Balancing Act – EE Times

While I was studying engineering as an undergraduate, I interviewed as many women engineers as I could find. I asked the typical questions about why they chose engineering, how their career paths developed, and what challenges they faced. Most of them had the same story about their love of math and science, along with the support of a mentor who got them started in the field. Every single one told me a story about the struggles of working in a male-dominated workplace. Each one had to mask, in some small way, who she was in order to fit in and succeed at work.

Instead of dissuading me from engineering, these experiences made me want to pursue it even more. I could be wrong, but I think inside of each woman engineer is a rebellious spirit. I didn’t just want to be a part of this innovative environment. I wanted to thrive in it. I wanted to prove that women were just as good engineers as men and could succeed.

Being a woman in the engineering environment is a challenge, but it is definitely one worth taking. – Shamree Howard


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