Calling ALL women engineers – the ENGINEER

Industry says it is determined to attract more female engineers. We want to hear your thoughts on whether its efforts are working – Editor, Jon Excell

This November we’ll be revisiting the issue. Rather than reiterating the same tired old calls for “something” to be done, we’re going to focus on practical examples of how engineering firms have addressed the gender diversity issue.

This is where you come in. We want to hear from engineers of both genders about what, if anything, your employers are doing to attract and retain female engineers. And if you’re a woman, do you feel that your career progression is hindered by your gender? Do you regularly encounter sexism? Or is your workplace a haven of equality?

We’re really keen to hear your accounts – the more candid the better – and will obviously, if you wish, guarantee your anonymity.

If you’re interested in adding your thoughts to this important debate, please post your comments on the original article (link below) or contact me at

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