Mobile University


Come along and be inspired

Join us for the Mobile University: three days of lectures and events on a double decker bus.

It’s open to everyone and it’s FREE

Researchers from across the University of Sheffield are revealing the latest discoveries and sharing their insights on the world.

Robotic honeybees, ocean power, stem cells, theatre, the school run … take your pick from a huge range of topics.

Each lecture lasts 20 minutes, with time for questions at the end. Come along to as many sessions as you like! But spaces are limited so pick up a ticket for each lecture on the day

Women in Engineering are excited to announce that two of our members will be present!

Emma – Friday, 27th September: 4 – 4:20pm

Engineering: not just fixing cars…

This talk challenges the common preconceptions associated with engineering as well as focusing on the social aspect of it.

The University of Sheffield is addressing these misunderstandings through different projects and outreach in local schools.

What do you think can be done?

Giulia Gigliobianco – Sunday, 29th September: 11:30 – 11:50am

Cyborg versus human: the power of regenerative medicine

Giulia Gigliobianco will take you on a fascinating journey through the story of regenerative medicine, an interdisciplinary area that deals with re-building the human body.

“What is a human? Biologically, a human is defined as a member of the genus Homo and species Homo sapiens.

What is a cyborg? A cyborg is a being of formed of artificial implants and a living being.

Are they different or do they have something in common? Science and technology have brought us the possibility to implant artificial parts in our body to restore an organ or tissue that we might have lost or damaged after an accident or a disease, such as a hip, knee, piece of skin – so, can we consider people with implants cyborgs? According to the definition – YES!

What is regenerative medicine? How did we arrive to regenerate and/or repair organs and tissues? What are the limits for regenerative medicine? What can we do and what we cannot do (yet)? I will try and answer these questions…”

The bus will be parked up in three city centre locations: Barker’s Pool, the Moor and Devonshire Green.

We’ll also have seats available in an inflatable dome next to the bus, which has disabled access where you’ll be able to listen to the lecture and watch the presentation.

Lecture timetable:

Friday, Barker’s Pool:

Saturday, the Moor:

Sunday, Devonshire Green:

Get in touch with the Mobile University team if you have any questions:

Email us:

Phone us: 0114 222 0561

Find us: Google map of venues




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