Bletchley Park hosts women in computing exhibit


WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY are being celebrated in an exhibit at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) in Bletchley Park.

The exhibit is co-sponsored by Google, a firm that regularly gives a helping hand to Bletchley Park and its campaigns.

The exhibit was opened by technology entrepreneur Dame Stephanie Shirley. It has been set up to inspire more girls to take up computing as a career.

“Girls must take advantage of the revival of computing in schools and recognise and grab the opportunities that our wonderful sector offers. Britain’s economy demands that women are not just consumers, but rather creators of newtechnologies and applications,” said Dame Shirley.

“This new Women in Computing gallery at TNMOC will promote positive role models for women and so encourage girls and women in critical thinking and engineering. It shows the heroines of computing as historic facts to inspire the upcoming generation.”

A number of interesting guests joined Dame Shirley and Google at the event, and in attendance were Sophie Wilson, co-designer of the BBC Micro and the ARMchip, and Mary Coombs, the first female commercial programmer.

“We are delighted to have hosted the Heroines of Computing event at Bletchley Park and to have sponsored this exciting new gallery at TNMOC. As a company we’re committed to encouraging more young people to explore the opportunities in computing,” added Peter Barron, head of external relations at Google.

“One of the challenges faced by girls in particular is a perceived lack of role models – a problem we hope this gallery can help redress.”

The National Museum of Computing was recently the recipient of a £1m donation. It is fundraising to match that cash in order to receive it.

National Museum of Computing show sponsored by Google

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