Women in Construction and Engineering – this is Lincolnshire

FEMALE construction students studying at Boston college have been trying to recruit more women to the industry.

The move is part of a Women in Construction and Engineering project aimed at challenging common perceptions and stereotypes of women in certain sectors in a bid to encourage more women to consider different career options.

A social media campaign was launched on Facebook with photos of the young women in their overalls.

People were invited to guess which subject each girl studied, and as research suggested, many of the Facebook visitors guessed wrong, assuming that the girls studied one of the college’s other commonly stereotyped ‘female’ disciplines such as Hair and Beauty or Health and Social Care.

Later in the week, the true subject studied by each student was revealed.

The industry isn’t very well publicised as being accessible to women, but there’s a huge demand for more women in construction – Student Lucy-Anne Stancer

The project also aimed to demonstrate that career and training doesn’t necessarily determine who the students are outside of their work.

Many of those taking part in the guessing game were surprised when the subjects were announced.

Like any career, to be successful you have to have the confidence to work hard and take on challenges, being a woman in the engineering industry is no different – Motor Vehicle student, Kelsey Taylor

The students hope the project will show potential female students who may be put off applying for a Construction and Engineering course, that all they need is hard work and dedication.

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