Meet university of sheffield students: Rosemary Jenkinson, 4th year Civil and Structural Engineering student

Student Intern Phoebe Kimble-Wilde recently interviewed women students in the faculty to find out a bit about the women engineers at the University, why they chose engineering, what interests them and what they want to do in the future. Here she interviews Civil and Structural Engineering student Rosemary Jenkinson, during her 4th year of her MEng. 

Rosemary Jenkinson pic

 I fell in love with the city when I looked round it. It is quite an intimate city with good nightlife and right next to the Peak District.

What are you currently studying at university?

Meng in Civil and Structural Engineering (4 years).

What made you choose this subject? Did anything/anyone inspire you?
I always enjoyed maths and physics at school so it was a relatively logical step to look at engineering. I originally was looking at studying architecture but when looking round a university, my dad (an engineer) dragged me over to the civil engineering department and I realised that it was perfect for me!

What was your favourite subject at school?
Art was probably my favourite subject. It has come in handy with studying engineering for drawing sketches of structures!

Why did you choose Sheffield University?
I fell in love with the city when I looked round it. It is quite an intimate city with good nightlife and right next to the Peak District. It is also a really good university for engineering and has a really good civil engineering department.

What do you like most about Sheffield University?
The university itself is also really great with a great students union and lots of activities going on and the engineering department is great. I have had a lot of fun here!

What do you like most about your course?
I really like the modules that allow me to use my design a little more but I really enjoy the wide variety of subjects we get to learn about from structures to drainage.

What is the most challenging part to the course?
The amount of work we have to do is quite challenging compared to some of my friends from other faculties but there is a great sense of comradery between course mates that makes that a lot easier.

What do you enjoy doing? Hobbies and Interests?
I really enjoy painting and drawing, love going to see live music and generally socialising with my friends.

What do you feel about being a woman in engineering?
I love being a woman in engineering. I was a little worried before I came to university that I would be the only girl but this was far from the case and if anything, being a woman gives you some advantage.

What advice would you give to young girls thinking of studying engineering?
Many people have misconceptions about what engineering actually is but it is such a broad subject with so many different things to learn that there really is something for everyone. If you like the idea of it, go for it!

What are your future plans/goals?
To finish university and then hopefully get a job in industry.



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