Professor Elena Rodríguez-Falcon: “Think of an Engineer”

Awesome Interview with our very own Director, Professor Elena Rodriquez-Falcon!! “Think of an Engineer”

Up and Go Girls

By Emma Obank

Our last and final inspirational woman of 2013 is none other than Sheffield University’s very own Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon. Elena is a mechanical engineer and has more awards and degrees than anyone we’ve ever met. After having spoken to the Women in Engineering Society earlier on this year we have became increasingly concerned by the lack of girls studying engineering in Britain. We therefore decided it was high time we scheduled a chat with Elena, the Director of Women in Engineering at Sheffield.

From an early age we’re lead to believe that there are “boys’ jobs” and “girls’ jobs”, “boys’ toys” and “girls’ toys”, “boys’ colours” and “girls’ colours”. The list goes on. Many of us think that an engineer is the man who pops round to fix the washing machine or the refrigerator and yet, as Elena will tell you in this interview, our misconceptions couldn’t…

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