Day 1 at the Big Bang Fair!!!

Emma and Sophie, Last year MEng students in Civil Engineering talk about their first day at the Big Bang fair as volunteers for the Women in Engineering Society.


Today was our first day at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham – a celebration of engineering, science and technology for young people. With the Women in Engineering society, we introduced the concepts of energy in the form of a human smoothie maker!

9.00 am: We set everything up, we welcome Simon and give him a shirt, organize the fruit and juices

9.30 am: kids started coming and we slowly get into the routine of the stand.

10.30 am: bike #1 broke!!!! Giulia and Lindsey rushed up to get bike #2 and everything started ‘smoothly’ like before!

11.00 am: waves of kids started coming. They were all so enthusiastic to talk about energy and get a free and healthy smoothie!

12.00 noon: we had lunch. We got the first break shift, we were given 1 hour lunch where we also wonder around the fair to snoop around the other stands.

3.30 pm: the wave of kids started dying down as the schools started to leave.

4.00 pm: We started packing up, going to freshen up, dinner and bed that tomorrow will be another busy day.


Good start of the day!!! #engineeringselfie


Although the activity was pretty straight forward, Peddling the bike powered the blender filled with fruit, the students loved making the smoothies and were also keen to understand the science behind it.

We look forward to day two! 


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