Day 2 of the Big Bang Fair

Some views of our volunteers of the second day of the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham.

Gemma Greenup, Widening Participation Officer in The Faculty of Engineering

h 8.30 We unloaded all the fruit fresh which had been collected from the shops on the way to the second day of the Big Bang. With our Women In Engineering T-shirts of black and gold on we were ready for the second day to engage children in engineering and get them peddling for a smoothie!

h 9:00 The festival opened its doors for day two and children came running through the doors. There was quickly a queue of thirsty children wanting smoothies!

h 10:00 Myself and Lindsey went to look at the other stands. Many of the engineering companies were really interest in the Women In Engineering society and seemed keen to get more women into their companies.

h 11:00 The bike wheel was continuous turning as child after child stepped up onto the seat. All the children were really interested in the science of transferring energy to make their delicious smoothie!

h 12:00 One child had a bit too much energy and cycled so fast the bike chain came off!! Women in engineering came to the rescue, with one of the team replacing the bike chain.

h 13:30 Lunch time with a delivery of sandwiches and a chance to have a noisy at the other activity stands.

h 14:00 Children were still coming in thick and fast with the pedal power to make the smoothie machine churn up the fruit!

h 15:00 Lindsey’s moment of fame as she was filmed talking about the Women in Engineering society, the aims of the society and why we were at the Big Bang festival.

h 16:00 The doors of the Big Bang festival closed. All out of berries and low on bananas, this marked the end of a fantastic day of science and smoothies!

We are ready!!!! #blackandgold

Abby Adamson, final year of Chemical Engineering

After seeing all the pictures taken on the first day, I was very excited as well as looking forward to volunteering the next day! I didn’t realise having so many excited children in the fair would get me this exhausted, but it has been worth it. I was quite nervous about making smoothies for so many people, but I think I got the hang of it after making it for almost 4 hours. It was a highly energised environment, full of brilliant minds and I hope we have managed to get these kids interested in science and engineering. My highlight of the day “the kids either want to go to space or blow things up”!

Enthusiastic students with our stickers!

Tanya Coupland, final year student in Mechanical Engineering

After two days of working at the Big Bang Fair it is safe to say I can’t remember the last time I was this tired but it has all been worth it! The enthusiasm of the children has been amazing; they have brilliant minds and great ideas and I’ve never seen so many faces light up at the prospect of eating fruit! It is great to think that as well as having a great day out our efforts may have inspired the next generation of scientists and engineers and that the children may have learned something from us. Despite the occasional technical problem I’ve had a ball for the last two days; and my mornings for the rest of the week just won’t be the same without an early morning run to Asda for a boot full of fruit, and I’ll probably be hearing “so, what do you know about energy?” in my sleep!

Tanya engaging with a student!

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