Day 3 of the Big Bang Fair !

Viadehi, Second Year Bioengineering Student

”The Big Bang Fair is an event where kids of all ages come, often along with their families for a bit of educational fun. So obviously, where the kids go, we follow. In order to educate them about our preferred fields and highlight the importance of science and engineering in today’s economy. There are of course many ways of doing the same but we thought that we would be innovative and had an interesting pedal powered blender to make our point.

 Since we were dealing with kids in this situation, the best manner of approach was to have an activity, which wouldn’t bore them to tears. So the idea was to let them make their own smoothies and in the process, get them thinking about the many different kinds of energy involved. We quizzed them a little and simplified our explanations so that it made sense to them”.

Ready for Day 3 of the Big Bang Fair!


”There were also other freebies such as pens and even some bags and booklets, which I believe a many people enjoyed a lot. But ultimately, the goal was to get these kids involved and let them understand and learn more about science since it is such a budding field with so much potential.

 There were certain glitches through the day with lots of customers coming and going in constant waves. Just when you think that you can catch a break, you’ve got the next wave waiting for their turn on the bike for a free smoothie. There were also the minor dilemmas we faced regarding the fruit and the portions and constantly having to wash the blenders.

 However, we worked efficiently as a team and managed to work it out. Overall, I would say the day was a success with us meeting hordes of great kids who were polite and eager and very easy to please”.


Our First courageous volunteer for Day 3


Natalia Molinero, MSc Student in wireless communications


”Today was a really nice day at the Big Bang fair. I couldn’t image how big it was and how many people (especially families with children) were there until I arrived. I’ve also been surprised by the activities from the different organizations and companies like Land Rover, L’Oreal, NHS, and the BBC.

However, I think that the best part was our activity actually. I enjoyed a lot because we’ve been doing different things every time: I started giving booklets, pens and stickers to the kids and their parents, and explaining what the Society does, how we try to encourage children (paying attention to girls) to study engineering, and also talking about the University of Sheffield and all the possibilities that it offers to their students.”




”After that, I went to the bike, the activity itself, and I spent a very nice time talking to children, explaining them how energy is transformed and I still remember how they paid attention to me, and how they enjoyed making and drinking the smoothie. Then, I’ve been helping to prepare the fruits for the smoothies and it was just about the end of the day!!

I’m really excited, and I think and not even that tired, looking forward to go tomorrow again and talking to new people and enjoying the kids’ smiles. I strongly recommend this experience to everyone; you can give and learn a lot from it!”

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