LAST DAY of the Big Bang Fair !

Lindsey Dew, PhD Student in TIssue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine and Co-organizer of the activity


”So, it’s the last day of our 4 day science and engineering extravaganza that has been The Big Bang Fair.  It’s a Sunday so we guess that the queues will not be as busy and there will be fewer people at the fair. 

We were wrong!  The smoothie-maker had another day of full on work to do as the crowds around our stand started to emerge and never got smaller.  However, with the crowds came the opportunity to engage with more families and talk about what we love: SCIENCE and ENGINEERING.  Everybody left with a smile on their face, free pen and smoothie in hand and a little more knowledge about energy transformation.  The hustle and bustle never stopped apart from when loud BANGS from the other stands caused everybody to jump!”


Lindsey on fruit duties!


”I can safely say that all of the volunteers on the stand today have been amazing and without them we could not have made it such a success.  Whilst I and Giulia were eagerly trying to gain more information about industrial positions, careers within the BBC and NHS etc., the volunteers beavered away at the stand making sure the families were getting their smoothies and learning something new!”

Lindsey engaging with future engineers


”Then the trusty voice from the speakers announced ‘The hall will be closing in 10 minutes’ and that was it, the Big Bang Fair was coming to a close.  So all hands were on deck to dismantle the stand and get it back in the van, ready for the trip back to Sheffield.  We were soon back on the road and I could hear silence in the van….looking to my left I saw two sleeping volunteers, clearly worn out by the days show!  With a fond farewell the volunteers left to get back to their studies and then that was it.  Three months of planning and the show was over in what felt like the blink of an eye”.




”Overall a great experience with great volunteers, participants and organisers……now we just need to start thinking about next year!”.



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