Happy engineers get dancing to Pharrell Williams’ hit!

The civil engineers behind some of the capital’s most iconic infrastructure projects have put on their dancing shoes to show the public – young people in particular – how happy they are to be engineers and the diverse and exciting careers on offer through choosing maths and science subjects at school.

We know many young people – boys and girls alike – enjoy the activities that sit at the heart of engineering – using the latest technology, designing and creating things, learning how things work and solving problems. They also enjoy and excel at maths and science subjects.

Yet only half of 11-14 year olds would consider a career in engineering, and less than one in ten plans to be an engineer once they finish their education. This is because they don’t know enough about the profession and the exciting and rewarding careers that are in their grasp, and also carry the perception that engineering is uncreative and boring.

ICE, in partnership with Bechtel, want to bust this myth, by showcasing the awe inspiring projects that civil engineers are delivering in our capital, and importantly, showing who our people really are – creative, smart, diverse teams whose work makes a difference to our lives every single day – protecting us from flooding, getting us to work, ensuring we have clean water and energy, and designing and building magnificent sporting venues such as the former Olympic Stadium.

Please help us share the #engineeringhappiness and join us in inspiring the next generation of engineers by becoming an ICE Ambassador .

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