Galatia Partheniou. Computer Science Student

Galatia Partheniou. Computer Science Student
Galatia Partheniou. Computer Science Student

Galatia Partheniou is a final year student in the Department of Computer Science.

Engineering means, making things happen. I always enjoyed making things happen and producing something useful and meaningful to someone else.

How did you first get interested in Engineering?

I started having coding lessons when I was 15, I really found it interesting so I kept doing it until I decided it was what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to pursue it as a career after that.

The Engineering Project weeks

The university has an Engineering, You’re Hired! and Global Engineering Challange project weeks for first and second years. They put students from different fields in teams to compete with each other. It actually puts us to work on a real project with people from industry, who coma and help us to do the best and produce the best results. It is really amazing, it gives us communication and team working skills. Working with people from different cultural backgrounds and fields that talk different technical languages, it’s really an amazing thing. The university is one of the best in the UK.

What excites you about engineering?

Computer Science is a very challenging field, it is used in different areas, such a business, communications and law. We use it in our daily lives so the main thing is that people will never stop discovering and exploring. It is that which makes it interesting.

What next?

I have learnt a lot at the University of Sheffield, team working and leadership skills. I got involved with lots of things other than my studies. I’m going to study a Masters in education and pursue a teaching career.

What is it like being a woman in engineering?

It is different from being a man, I had a few difficulties in the beginning. There were people ignoring what I was saying and things I was doing because i was a woman. Until they understood I was talking the same technical language as they did. Now I don’t have any problems and the fact that I’m a woman doesn’t come into it at all.

How do we encourage more women to work and study engineering?

I’d advise young women not to worry about this at all. If this is what they want to do – they should just do it and not worry about others at all.

I had a few difficulties in the beginning, until they understood I was talking the same technical language as they did.

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