Siemens Innovative Women in Engineering Competition

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Passionate about environmental crises and tea? Well, so are we!
Win an exclusive high tea networking afternoon with some of the leading female engineers at Siemens, and get yourself noticed as top talent!

-Getting yourself noticed amongst some of the top engineers at Siemens could help you kick start your career.
How to enter: Choose to answer one of the three questions below to the best of your abilities, with a word count of 500-800 words, by the 27th of November.
Please send all entries to:
What we’re looking for: Someone who shows innovation and passion as well as ideals that align with those of Siemens.

  1. Which do you think is more important, making renewable energy technologies economical, or technologies to provide access to clean drinking water for all.
  1. Boys have access to many toys which develop their special reasoning and engineering skills (Lego, Bob the Builder, etc.). Design a toy for girls which can create an early interest in these fields.
  1. Are railways a sustainable mode of transport? What is your view on HS2?

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