Treasurer Emma Williams

Hello! My name is Emma Williams and I am a third year Civil and Structural Engineering student.

I’ve known I have wanted to do engineering for a while now. In some ways it is what I was expecting and in many ways now what I was expecting at all. Back in school, maths was always my favourite subject as I enjoy working with numbers. I also have a fascination with buildings, structures and transport and so putting these interests together, I stumbled upon the topic of engineering, Civil Engineering in particular. Since getting to university, I have definitely found that I have made the right choice and thoroughly enjoy the content I am learning.

This year I am the treasurer for the society. In this role I will be creating a budget and allocating funds per event to make sure we have sufficient funds to last the whole year.Other than that, I am the one to come to if any invoices need to be paid into the account or refunds need to be given out to members.

I aim to successfully budget our funds for the year and have a sufficient amount left to spend on our Summer Ball.

You will have your highs and you will have your lows but at the end of each day, try to take one positive you have experienced and one lesson you have learned.

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