Outreach Officer Kristel


Hey! I’m Kristel, I’m a second year Bioengineering student on the program with a year in industry.


I was born and raised in Peru, where I did some volunteering in different places including hospitals and rural areas, these experiences allowed me to realize the life-changing impact that technology and engineering can and need to have on people’s lives and wellbeing.
This notion, combined with my interest on engineering, biology and physics, is why I chose to study Bioengineering, I believe that engineering needs to serve people, and I think Bioengineering is a great way to achieve this.


During this year, I will be one of the co-outreach officers. I would be in charge of organizing events the society is invited to, recruiting volunteers and oversee the activities presented by the society during such events.


To increase the number of volunteers we have.
To increase the number of outreach events the society takes part in.
To further improve volunteers experience with our society.
To come up with new outreach activities to celebrate the role of women in engineering.

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