Aanchal Bhagwat

Role: Outreach Officer

Hi! I’m Aanchal, a second-year Architectural Engineering student, and one of the Outreach Officers this year. My role involves working alongside other members to organize outreach events such as arranging stands at open, offer-holder and applicant days, the fresher’s activities fair, intro week talks to promote the society’s work and running the Women’s Wednesday blog with Melisha.

‘Why engineering?’

The idea of integrating the precision of engineering principles and functionality of design in this discipline is what drew me to a career in this field. Architectural Engineering involves the manifestation of one’s creative vision into structures that improve people’s lives, which I find incredibly fulfilling.

‘Why women in engineering?’

I joined the WIE committee to be a part of a diverse, supportive and inclusive engineering community where we uplift each other and encourage young girls to pursue their STEM career dreams. I’m looking forward to meeting and working alongside students who are just as passionate about WIE and learning so much more from all of you!

‘One word to describe our society’


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