Aiman Zaidi

Position in Committee: Finance and Development Officer (aka Treasurer)

My role involves dealing with the finances of the society and keeping up to date with the society account. I approve any transactions and liaise with other committee members when financing an event or applying for sponsorships. I create a budget for the society to ensure there is enough funding to ensure all our amazing activities can take place. It’s a great role which allows you to get involved in different parts of the society.

Why Engineering?
Chemical engineering is a great discipline which combines my love for science and maths and allows me to apply those principles to real world problems. It is a necessary discipline in many different areas like making vaccines, renewable energy and food manufacture therefore, the varied possible roles beyond university made it an appealing degree.

Why Women In Engineering?
My interest in Women in Engineering began when I first attended the Inspirational Panel event in my first year. Since joining the community, I have come to see what a welcoming community it is and I would highly encourage any girl who studies engineering to get involved at any level of the society. The best thing for me is being surrounded by a group of people who are as passionate as you are about the same cause.

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