Aiman Zaidi

Position in the Committee: Internal Vice President

My role involves aiding the president and other vice-president with the smooth running of the society. As internal vice-president, my role is to oversee the treasury, socials, publicity and inclusions. Through this role I want to increase the engagement current members have with the society so they can make the most out of the network and resources Women in Engineering has in place.

Why engineering?
I have always enjoyed STEM and learning about how things work. Participating in science projects like CREST made me appreciate the wider impact of engineering on the environment and society and I wanted to be a part of that to make a positive change. This led me to choose chemical engineering at university as it combines elements of all sciences and maths.

What made you initially decide to join the Women in Engineering society?
When I attended the inspirational panel last year, I was really moved by the women who had risen up against the challenges they faced. This showed me that the power of role models who are like you is invaluable. Women in Engineering do a very good job of promoting engineering to the next generation of girls and keeping the spirit alive in current students. These reasons motivated me to apply for the committee.

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