Akshi Shah

Position: Vice President

Hi, I’m Akshi and I’m a 3rd year Bioengineering engineering student, and one of the Internal Vice Presidents for the Women in Engineering society. I help out the president and External Vice president with running and managing the society. I also help run the mentoring scheme and the podcast. My favorite part so far has been co hosting the podcast and listening to inspirational journeys of Women in STEM.

Why Engineering?
I chose Bioengineering as it was a perfect blend of Biology and Engineering. The interdisciplinary nature of it appealed to me and the fact that it is such a new and growing field attracted me even more. Looking further into it I got more interested in medical devices and how much they have developed over the last few years.

Why Women In Engineering?
I joined the Women in Engineering society to meet like minded female engineers studying various engineering degrees. Attending previous events like the Inspirational panel and workshops further encouraged me to join the committee and be a part of this community. Everyone in the society is so supportive and inspirational, it has definitely been one of the best experiences of my University life.

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