Ania Pawinska

Position: Outreach Officer

As an outreach officer it is my job to make sure all the society’s events are well thought out and fun. I would like to organise more Women in Engineering socials so that our community can grow stronger. I would love our events to attract and inspire even more girls. 

Why engineering?
I’m a first year Civil and Structural Engineering student. Coming from a family of engineers I’ve developed a deep appreciation for my subject. Even when I was little I loved playing with LEGO the most.

What made you initially decide to join the Women in Engineering society?
I think Engineering is fascinating and I would love to encourage more girls to challenge themselves, as we all know it’s us who run the world. I know many girls are being doubted by others choosing engineering and they might feel lonely being the minority in the world of engineering. I joined the society to help them see it as a strength and encourage them.

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