Catie Kohler

Role: Fundraising officer

My name is Catie Kohler and I am a fourth year Materials Science and Engineering integrated masters student. My role this year is fundraising officer, this involves contacting companies to sponsor the society so we can fund our popular events and grow the society even more.

‘Why engineering?’

I wanted to continue learning chemistry but tackle real life problems that engineers solve. When I stumbled upon Materials Science and Engineering, it was a perfect fit! Materials Science blends the key principles of chemistry and physics into the understanding of materials for engineering applications. Its amazing how small changes in composition and microstructure can have significant impact on huge structures.

‘Why women in engineering?’

I have been the first year rep, a project leader for the Engineering Club and the Volunteering officer at my time at the University of Sheffield. It is important to me to inspire young people to engage with STEM. WiE gave me a great opportunity to develop my outreach and science communication skills through the engineering club.

‘One word that describes our society:’

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