Catie Kohler

Position: Volunteering Officer

Hi, my name is Catie and I organise the WiE Volunteering project the Engineering Club. The Engineering Club is an after school Club at local Sheffield primary schools. The club introduces different engineering disciplines through fun activities such as making slime and building towers. I design sessions, create time plans and complete risk assessments. Volunteering is a really rewarding activity and it’s a great experience to see how enthusiastic the students are.

Why Engineering:
I decide to do Materials Science and Engineering for its blend of science and engineering. It covered aspects of solid-state chemistry and physics that I had enjoyed during A-Levels. As well as grounding it in everyday applications that engineers seek to optimise. Materials Science is a less well-known discipline compared to other engineering subjects. Therefore, I enjoy and appreciate being able to introduce Materials Science to young students. I think I would have benefited from knowing about it earlier and understanding how important Materials Science is for every other engineering field.

Why Women in Engineering:
I wanted to enrich my university experience by joining a female-focused engineering group. It’s been fascinating to meet so many inspiring women excelling in this field and breaking down boundaries. Joining the Women in Engineering society has had a positive influence on me and has prompted me to sneak out new challenges. I would highly recommend for anyone to join the society as it is a great way to raise your own aspirations and confidence.

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