Publicity and Media Officer Evelina


Hi! I am Evelina – an international student from Lithuania. I am second year Aerospace Engineering student.


I have always lived in a small town in Lithuania until last year when I started studying at the University of Sheffield. It was a big change but I knew I was going to study abroad since I started high school and constantly pursued that dream. I ended up studying Aerospace Engineering because aviation always fascinated me and I felt that I want to be in this field in the future. At that point I did not even know Aerospace Engineering exists, I just imagined doing something related until I found out about this course at the age of 15 or 16. It covered everything I was interested in – it’s not only about aviation and space but it’s also about sciences that always were my favorite subjects at school. Today I am really happy that I chose this course even though I heard many things that there are not many girls or that it is really hard. It is challenging as most of the courses are but I enjoy it and could not find a better course for myself.


As a Publicity and Media Officer, I am responsible for managing social media, answering messages, creating promotion materials for events and promoting them. The main goal working in this position is to make sure that the work we do and values of the society reach as many people as possible and they could get a chance not only to hear our message but also get involved.


As a Publicity and Media Officer I believe that the main objective for this year is to visually show everyone as accurately as possible who we are, what we do and why. In this way to increase the number of society’s members and volunteers. To spread the awareness that women and men equally belong to engineering. To inspire and motivate young people to join engineering.


Do not wait for your dreams to come true by themselves and do not listen if others do not believe – put the confidence on, go out and make it happen!

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