Volunteering Officer Olohije


Hey! My name is Olo and I’m currently a 3rd year Civil Engineering student on the Bachelors program.


I am originally from Nigeria but I grew up in the Netherlands. I’ve always loved architecture and structures and I wanted to know how they were made. It was during school when I did work shadow, I saw civil engineers at work, being creative and problem solving in a team. That’s when I knew it was right for me.

Watching projects come to life and shape the environment shows how engineers can leave our mark on the world. I can’t wait to say, see that over there, I helped make that happen.


As Volunteering Officer, I will mainly be organizing Engineering Club which is an after-school club run by us; student volunteers, in primary schools around Sheffield. I will be coordinating with the volunteering office at the SU and be in contact with these respective schools. We together will be recruiting volunteers to help run these sessions and will be recording hours for volunteer’s HEAR accreditation.


I plan to continue the successful run of Engineering Club by introducing exciting and fresh activities for the children. Hopefully we can expand into a fourth school in second semester and possibly create an online platform to train local teachers in running these sessions themselves.


Never doubt yourself because you actually know a lot more than you think. Just breathe, you’ve got this!

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