Fatima Saleem

Position: Outreach Officer

Hi, I’m Fatima, a third-year bioengineering student, and this year I am one of the outreach officers on the committee. My role involves working alongside other members to arrange outreach events such as getting the society involved in open days, arranging the intro week talks to promote the society’s work, and even reaching out to the wider community such as hosting workshops with Brownies groups. So far, the most enjoyable aspect of the role has been talking to prospective members at the activities fair and being able to showcase the society’s work.

Why Engineering:
I chose to study engineering as it was a great combination of my interests in Maths and Physics at school. However, from a young age I had wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, so when I discovered bioengineering, I realised it was the best path for me. The interdisciplinary nature of the field and the positive impact it has on peoples’ lives has made it really rewarding to study.

Why Women in Engineering:
I initially joined Women in Engineering through the mentoring scheme in my first year however only got more involved through my role as Volunteering Officer last year. I decided to join the committee as a way to meet more like minded individuals and get involved with the wider community. I have really enjoyed being part of the society as both of these roles have been really rewarding. It has also been amazing to be a part of such supportive and inspiring individuals, and to work alongside them to further improve the events and overall work we do.

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