Flora Hippisley-Cox

Role: Secretary

Hi I’m Flora and I’m a 3rd year mechanical engineering student. I am the Secretary of WiE so I’m in charge of the communication between our society, the members and external companies who want to get involved. I’m ensure that emails are passed onto the correct committee members and informing the members of exciting opportunities whether they are in the society itself or with an external partner through our weekly email.

‘Why engineering?’

I chose engineering as it was the perfect combination of mathematics and the practical applications of physics. Whilst at school I came across a study about the roles of mechanical engineers in achieving sustainable development goals. This type of meaningful application inspired me and gave me the drive to utilise the skills I wanted to learn at degree level to solve the contemporary challenges that would arise in our world throughout my career.

‘Why women in engineering?’

Growing up in an all girls school allowed me to experience and enjoy subjects without a gender stereotype pre-applied to them. When I moved to a mixed sixth form and was studying further mathematics there, the gender divide became truly prevalent. I went from a further maths class of 25 girls in GCSE, 13 of whom were planning to pursue it at A-level, to being the only girl in 2 years studying the subject. Since then, I have wanted to encourage girls and women around me like I had been encouraged to enjoy subjects that they were capable of too. This is why when I found the Women in Engineering society at university that I knew I had to join and ultimately be a part of its fabric itself. I initially joined the mentoring scheme during my first year and was impressed with how much the society was still doing despite the restrictions of COVID. I loved socialising with women in different courses and year groups and applied to my committee role to continue to do that and to raise awareness about this incredible society. This will now be my second year in the society and I can’t wait for everything we are going to achieve this year

‘One word to describe our society?’


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