Garima Malhotra

Role: Vice President (internal)

Hi! I am Garima, a second year undergraduate studying Electronics and Computer Engineering. As the Internal Vice President of the society, I work with the President in planning and conducting events throughout the year. I am primarily in charge of assisting/leading initiatives such as the mentoring schemes and the podcast. My role also entails supporting fellow committee members with their role, being a point of contact for the society and promoting the society and its events.

‘Why Engineering’

It was fascinating documentaries like ‘How the Universe Works’ and ‘Particle Fever’ that first got me interested in STEM. I also find theoretical computer science and logic very interesting. In recent years, I have developed an interest in quantum computers, which harness the laws of quantum mechanics to solve highly complex computational problems. My degree course gives me a well rounded understanding of both computer hardware as well as software, and is a wonderful intersection of my academic interests, which is why I chose to pursue it.

‘Why women in engineering?’

I’ve met some great people through this society, who have given me invaluable insights into their journey in the field of engineering. Everyone that I have met at the society has been really inspiring and supportive. It is an environment where I can grow and belong. With the increasing awareness about engineering as a career for women, I hope to see our society grow, and possibly even collaborate with similar societies in other universities in the near future.

‘One word to describe out society:’

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