President Oludayo


Hey Guys,
I am Oludayo, an international student from Nigeria. I am currently a 4th Year MEng Chemical Engineering Student.


I spent most of my formative years in Nigeria. As a kid, I was very interested in Sciences and I wanted to pursue a career within the medical field. In hindsight, this choice was quite naive. Once I began to study biology as a subject in high school, I was quite unsure about that career choice as I found the subject boring and enjoyed physics and chemistry more. I overheard my friends speaking about careers within engineering in particular petro-chemical engineering. I spoke to my parents about the challenges I faced with Biology and why I preferred engineering as my chosen course. My Dad instructed me to write an essay on chemical engineering as a course and its applications. I wrote the essay and convinced him that I was making an informed choice.
Fast forward to 2019, I am in my 4th Year studying Chemical Engineering and I do not regret my choice. Although, it is quite challenging my passion and interest for the course has helped me persevere through the challenges I have encountered. Doing this course at the University is one of the best decisions I have made. Through this experience, I have met like-minded people who have inspired me to continually strive to be a better version of myself.


As the President of the society, I have the responsibility of being the face of the society’s initiatives, motivations and missions of the society, faculty and the university. This is no easy feat but I have a great starting point because of the excellent work done by my predecessors. I hope to continue the great work they started and take the society to greater heights.


My main objective this year is to make the society more inclusive and increase engagement from all sections of the engineering faculty. I want to increase the number of student members who engage with the society in any capacity. This increment would allow the society increase its reach for STEM awareness and inspiring the future generation of engineers via internal or external events. I want more people to take advantage of different opportunities made available by the society and enrich their university experience.


Believe in yourself, don’t let the fear of failure deter from trying to achieve your goals.

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