Vice President Agnes


Heyyy everyone! I’m Agnes! I’m a fourth year chemical engineering student and I’m your Vice-President.


I came to the UK from a small town in south India, Kerala. I settled down in Leicester and haven’t moved since we arrived. I grew up with few to none female engineering role models so it was difficult for me to imagine myself in an engineering career. I came to know about engineering funnily enough through a STEM activity day organised by my secondary school back in year 9. I always enjoyed sciences but I was always encouraged to go down the medical route until I met a female engineer at the STEM day. It’s encouraging when someone who connects to your experiences has broken stereotypes and shown the way.


My role as a Co VP is to work alongside the president and VP to oversea the society. I oversea the publicity, industrial relations, fundraising and financial aspects of the society, making sure events are organised well and within the budget. Another part of the role is to participate and lead WIE events and represent the society at outreach activities.


To increase the society industrial links through increased mock assessment centres and workshops.
To get funding from a variety of different engineering companies.
To make sure the society does not overspend.


It’s always hard to see yourself doing something when you haven’t seen someone who looks like you do it. But why wait? You can be that person who breaks barriers!

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