Ioni Kalospyrou

Position: Publicity and Media Officer

As your publicity and media officer I am in charge of promoting the society online and offline. Especially through social media I want to reach out to all of the society’s members and keep them up to date with the society’s whereabouts. Let’s just say my goal is to keep our society united and everyone included.

Why engineering?
Maths and science have always been what fascinated me the most and then what I loved doing the most was solving problems. Isn’t this pretty much the definition of engineering? I realised this at the age of 13. Later on, I found out that chemical engineering is what suits me most because it combines maths, physics and chemistry. In university I found out how broad this field of engineering is and it is truly remarkable in how many industries a chemical engineer can work.

What made you initially decide to join the Women in Engineering society?
In my school as a student interested in science and maths I have always found myself surrounded by male peers. Then I came to uni to pursue a career in a male dominated field. Girl power was missing from my life… This is why I immediately joined the WiE society, a group of united women engineers who understand and support each other.

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