Karishma Radia

Position: Fundraising Officer

My role is to maintain relationships with engineering companies from different disciplines and approach them with different sponsorship proposals. This year I aim to maintain the relationship that the society has with Accenture and search for other companies that could be potential sponsors.

Why Engineering:
I have always been fascinated by maths and science and intrigued by how things work. While participating in science and maths related projects such as CREST and Robotics Challenge opened me to the world of engineering and the impact it has on the environment and society. It led me down the path of engineering and in particular Chemical Engineering as it combines all the subjects science and maths.

Why Women In Engineering:
Being the first women in my family to choose engineering as a career path, I wanted to find other women that I could relate to and Women in engineering allowed me to find other people in my position. Having taken part in the mentoring scheme and attending various other events, I was inspired by how the society promotes engineering and how they address the gender imbalance. This motivated me to apply for the committee.

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