Fundraising Officer Krusha


Hi, everyone! My name is Krusha, and I am a second year Computer Science student studying for the MCOMP degree.


Since being introduced to Computing in year 8, I always knew that this was a field that I wanted to go into. However, for quite some time, I avoided this subject. Nevertheless, as my confidence grew, I decided to venture down this road.
Moving on to GCSE, as I stepped into my class I realised the lack of women interested in this field; it surprised me. This situation worsened during A Levels, as I became the only girl in my year to study Computer Science. To be honest, I wasn’t afraid, or even second guessing; I was proud. I was proud that I didn’t let this situation affect me.
I would love to change the opinion that the public have of Engineering and Science in general.
I once watched this video and it made me realise how deep this impresion of ‘Engineering is for boys’ is imbedded into people’s subconscious. This video made me realise that when I tell anyone that I study Computer Science, the usual response is ‘wow! That must be so hard!’, ‘Good for you! I would never be able to do that!’, ‘Isn’t that a boyish subject?’. However, when its a man instead of me, this is hardly the case. This needs to change.


My role as the Fundraising Coordination is to contact companies from different engineering disciplines in hopes to gain more sponsorships and support. I mainly create proposals, read through contracts and maintain contact with these companies.


I wish to increase the number of companies that sponsor and support us as well as expand our reach and publicity as a society.


Always let your personality, your quirks, you fascination and your brilliance shine through every situation. Stand tall, stand proud and stand out from the crowd. 🙂

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