Krusha Vekaria

Position: President

My name is Krusha and I study Computer Science. As the president, I oversee all aspects of the society and offer guidance and support to committee members. Being the link between the society and the Faculty of Engineering, I regularly organise meetings with the faculty and external contacts to discuss how we can grow the society, increase its reach and bring about new opportunities. Although being quite demanding, there is a lot that I am learning from being the president. Being able to help my committee members with their roles and seeing the benefits of that through their success makes this role fulfilling. Also, by representing the society, I am able to meet many inspiring individuals which in itself is very rewarding.

Why Engineering?
I have always been drawn to maths and logic based subjects. Intrigued by the way technology works and wanting to explore beyond the outer casing of these objects, Engineering was the path that I was most willing to take. Problem solving and logical thinking are key aspects of the discipline; Engineering continuously tests my ability and ensures that I never see a dull day through all the various problems that I encounter.

Why Women In Engineering?
At the start of my university journey, I had not known much about an initiative like this. For me, it was normal being the minority in the field and I thought that I just had to accept that and learn to adapt. However, when I heard about Women In Engineering, it became something that I had to join. The community created by the society and all the work that they do gave me a sense of belonging and purpose. This society has become such an important part of my university journey.

Women in Engineering is so much more than what its name entails; the values, ideals and history of this society is what makes it shine.

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