Libby Rushton

Position: Secretary

Hi, I’m Libby and I’m a third year mechanical engineering student. I am the secretary of the society, so I am in charge of responding to emails and passing them on to the correct committee member, and also sending out the weekly email! I enjoy doing the weekly email as I know I personally really appreciate receiving lots of different opportunities (especially ones I would never normally look into), so knowing I am helping to offer opportunities to our society members is really great!

Why Engineering?
I picked engineering for a very cliche reason, I was quite good at maths and physics at school and loved LEGO as a child! I always really enjoyed learning and understanding how the world around us works, and loved being able to apply my knowledge to practical applications. I specifically chose mechanical engineering because I felt it covered a wide range of topics, and this was perfect for me because I had no idea what I wanted to go into!

Why Women In Engineering?
I joined the society as I had seen all the amazing things the society does, and thought it would be a really good way to meet like minded people from all different courses and backgrounds. My favourite thing about the society is seeing how passionate and engaged everyone is, and how willing people are to get involved and help make the society even better.

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