Megija Cekule

Position: First Year Representative

Hi my name is Megija and I assist for different kind of events, helping to spread the women in engineering organisation while being on a foundation year in Civil and Structural Engineering.

Why Engineering:
I’ve always been curious in life and questioned things. WHY and HOW has been my 2 favourite words since I was born 😀 I think it’s amazing to learn how to calculate and look at things from different perspective. I love life and I love to find out why I love it 😀 In engineering I’m finding out a new challenge every day and that makes life soo interesting. Life is full of surprises and engineering allows you to understand those “surprises or you can call it “magic” things” that others are only admiring but I can actually explain and/or build myself.

Why Women in Engineering:
I want to meet more girls and women who share the same interests, and are passionate, motivated and crazy about science. What can be better than chatting all night long about new projects or maybe getting together creating a rocket!

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