Mitchelle Matope-img

Position: Inclusions Officer

I am responsible for ensuring every member feels accepted within the society and their values are appreciated and respected in every activity held by the society. The Women in Engineering mentoring scheme which I am responsible for is the main reason I enjoy being the Inclusions officer. It not only allows me to help the professional development of mentees and mentors, but also allows me to witness the growth in relationships between them. This allows mentees to get the most out of the mentoring scheme by gaining insight into how individuals in their respective engineering field managed their academic workload. The mentees are also made aware of when to start their career development journey and the necessary skill to develop to successfully be offered a placement or graduate role. The mentors develop their communication and leadership skills which are essential soft skills to successfully hold a graduate role.

Why Engineering:
I have always enjoyed maths and science so naturally I was drawn to STEM career choices. During my GCSE studies, I undertook a work experience placement in Civil Engineering and realised engineering was the right field for me. However, Civil Engineering wasn’t quite the right discipline and after some research, I realised that Chemical Engineering was the right choice for me.

Why Women in Engineering:
Being exposed to engineers growing up, I came to the conclusion that maybe I should have realised engineering was the right field for me. However all the engineers in my family are male which later clarified to me the reason why I was less likely to explore the engineering disciplines was the absence of a role model I can identify with. Therefore, I am very passionate about introducing the various roles within engineering to young children, young girls especially, to allow them to develop positive schemas associated with engineering and also allow them to see someone that looks like them within the engineering field. Therefore I joined the society as it stands for what I believe in and we share common values.This is also why I was an outreach officer for the society previously before becoming the current inclusions officer.

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