Mitchelle Matope-img

Position: Outreach officer

My role involves planning and organising events that are interactive and beneficial to all society members. I am also responsible for recruiting and training committee members to allow you to become involved in the activities and contribute to the society. My goal is to promote the Women in Engineering society helping it to grow and form relationships with other societies and companies increasing the number of contacts for the society increasing the number of events available to the society. Promoting the engineering discipline to children making them aware of potential career paths is also my aim as the current Outreach Officer. Finally, I would like to work closely with other positions such as the Industrial Relations Officer to plan more events and create a more interconnected society.

Why engineering?
I am a first year Chemical Engineering student and I have always found the engineering discipline fascinating. I undertook a civil engineering work experience to explore the subject area and later discovered with research that Chemical Engineering was my desired area of study. Most of my family members being engineers also influenced my chosen career path.

What made you initially decide to join the Women in Engineering society?
I aspire to see a greater diversity in engineering not only in terms of sex, but also in terms of race, gender and cultures as I would love to work in an environment where the skills and qualifications an individual possesses determines their chances of being hired for a job. The Women in Engineering society not only offered me a friendly environment to get to know people of similar interests over my year of membership, but also provided me with opportunities of interacting with highly experienced engineers. Through conferences led by experienced engineers such as the inspirational panel, the society provided me with the opportunity of learning how to be a successful engineer. Finally, Women in Engineering promotes diversity by not restricting the society to girls but accepting all interested individuals as members of the society.

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