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Position: Fundraising Officer

As the fundraising officer and representative of the ‘Women in Engineering’ society, my role is to maintain valuable relationships with engineering companies from different disciplines and approach them with sponsorship proposals. My aim for this year is to continue the successful relationship the society has built with the company, Accenture, along with searching for new companies that could act as potential sponsors.

Why engineering?
I’m a second-year chemical engineering student and I’m originally from Ireland. My father’s career as a petroleum engineer took my family and I to Malaysia where I grew up and still live now. Inspired by my father’s work and having always had a natural adoration for science, I found myself entranced by the world of engineering. The frontiers of chemical engineering are constantly evolving, thus inspiring me to contribute to the cutting-edge advancements being made and immerse myself in projects that will have a significant positive impact on our environment.

What made you initially decide to join the Women in Engineering society?
With only 11% of the UK engineering workforce being female, I always felt that as a young female engineering student, I wanted to inspire as many women as possible to study engineering. The ‘Women in Engineering’ society is a community of driven and passionate engineering students, who share the same vision of female empowerment. The opportunities presented once part of the society are incredible, including volunteering at local schools, social events, the inspirational panel, etc.

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