Saloni Hajare

Role: Vice President (external)

Saloni Hajare, BEng Computer Systems Engineering, Year 4. As the society’s external Vice President, my role is to support our President oversee the society and help establish connections with external organisations and industry. My aspirations are to support each member in our committee with achieving the goals they’ve set for the society and themselves. I look forward to expanding our society’s connections with industries across various domains and in connecting with other Women in engineering societies to form a cohort of supportive and amazing engineers across the country and beyond!

‘Why engineering?’

I always felt engineering is a means of applying theoretical knowledge along with logical thinking to address problems across the globe. I love the fact that no matter how technically intricate each solution is built, the end goal is always to ensure to better people’s life. My course, Computer Systems is a melting pot of subjects ranging from mechatronics to digital signal processing to artificial intelligence. I am particularly keen to build my knowledge around intelligent systems, cognitive AI and its impact in biomedical, IT and education sector.

‘Why women in engineering?’

I believe our society addresses a very important aspect of gender inclusivity and provides a supportive environment where people feel included and represented. From industry workshops to panel discussion, from mentoring schemes to fun socials, the society provides opportunities for individuals to grow both personally and professionally. I have learnt a lot from the skill development workshops and have been able to network with inspiring individuals from both academia and industry. In addition to this, I am grateful to be working alongside a supportive team which is committed in expanding female representation in STEM. For the coming year, I can see our society host more in person industry visits, have both technical and soft skill workshops and expand on collaborations with the engineering clubs and schools for STEM events. I also aspire for us to be able to build a strong connection with alumni, faculty of engineering and collaborate with other women in engineering societies.

‘One word to describe out society:’

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