Vaia Kontou

Position in the Committee: President

My name is Vaia Kontou and this year I’m the President of the society. The Women in Engineering has a big impact not only on the university environment but to the community as well. As an engineer I know how amazing STEM world is and I want to share my experience and passion with the next generation. Looking back on how the society has evolved and all the great achievements I will work hard and aim for even higher achievements. Apart from the awards and the honors my goal is to make the society even more renown to the university, get even more -engineering- students to be part of our society, our work to inspire the next generation, volunteer and gain skills and experience from the various career-orientated events that the society will organize.

Why engineering?
My dad is a mechanical engineer so I guess engineering had always been in my mind. I always enjoyed hands-on work, experiments, designing and creating things. During high school I discovered the world of physics and the idea of being able to create limitless things that can improve the function of our community, our lifestyle or bring to life ideas that existed in my head, lead me to finalize my decision and be a mechanical engineer. My undergraduate experience, here, in the University of Sheffield made me even more passionate about and the Women in Engineering society was a part of it.

What made you initially decide to join the Women in Engineering society?
I became a member of the society as a fresher, mostly in order to make friends that had a common interest with me. The site visits, the mock assessment centers, the events, the volunteering made me think that I wanted to be a part of this. It wasn’t after an outreach event where I was talking with some committee members about the society and their contribution that I applied to be an outreach officer. And a year later I am the president of this amazing society that inspires the next generation and encourages little girls to dream bigger and reach for the starts.
I made great friends and created great memories while being in the society, it’s something I recommend you to try fearlessly and you won’t regret it.

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