Outreach Officer Vaia


Hello! My name is Vaia Kontou and I’m a 20-year-old international student from Greece of the University of Sheffield. I am a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student (BEng), a committe member and player of the University’s Volleyball team and for my last year as a student,memebr of the BCI and RoboRescue team, I made a really spontaneous but wise desition: to join the Women In Engineering committe.


As a kid I was really into sports, as most kids are on their first years in school. During my last year of primary school I dicovered the magic world of Physics. It was then when I first though of it being my dream-job. During my high school years I was involed in a great variety of societies like MUN ones, STEM clubs like computer science and robotics, sports teams or even acting ones. But what about studies? Combining the fact that I loved STEMsciences and my dad being an engineer mechanical engineering sounded perfect for me.
And here I am now, on my last year of studies joining the committee of the WiE society as an outreach officer.


Outreach Officer


As an outreach officer my goal is to plan even more events of different types, in order for our society to get more popular, not only around campus but to the younger ages as well, to girls that do want to get involved in engineering and dream to change the world!
Additionally, we really want even more people to get involved and enganged as volunteers no matter their field of studies, sex or nationality.
Last but not least, the colaboration with other societies is a goal of ours as well.


Don’t compare your Chapter 1 with someone else’s Chapter 20.

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