Open Days

Visit us in Mappin Hall and get all your questions answered from real engineering students. Take a tour of the campus, book yourself on academic departments talks and most important of all discover how it would feel to be a University of Sheffield student.

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National Women in Engineering Day 2014

Imagination, curiosity and creativity has given us electricity, steam engines, cars, planes, medicine and mobile phones. Somebody had to dream of these things before they were made real. An imaginative child will become an imaginative adult, likely to create, to invent. Likely to change the world. To celebrate National Women in Engineering Day we’re opening…

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International Women’s Day 2014

We have been recently involved in organising the celebration of International Women’s Day at Sheffield Town Hall, together with other organizations, all put together by Councillor Jacqueline Drayton. The structure of the morning was very simple: firstly we listened to Kathleen Roberts, one of the Women of Steel. She discussed her experience during the Second…

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Big Bang Fair 2014

Women in Engineering/University of Sheffield Volunteers exhibited at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, March 2014.
Checklist: Polos, Fruit, Juices, Stickers, Posters & Smoothie making bike.
Energy drinks at the ready, lets do this!
Inspire the future engineers.

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Children’s Book Project

Project to commence October 2014 Why a children’s book? Ever heard the saying start young! Well we are; this book will hit primary schools and libraries hopefully next year when published. Giving an insight into engineering for the young with real life examples such as; clocks, toothpaste, spacecraft etc. 

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Notre Dame School Visit

This was our first visit to a local school; Notre Dame School and our main aim was to try and give young women an idea of exactly what engineering entails so that they can make informed decisions about their futures.   We arrived and were taken to a rather large and daunting assembly hall.  Within minutes the hall…

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