Open Days and our University of Sheffield Experiences

BUHeu5JIAAAGIhkWe were talking ENGINEERING with prospective students, plus parents!

Questions were flying at us but the same question kept popping up. And the question is you may ask! Asked by students and parents, male and female.

So whats the ratio of boys to girls? Well about 10 – 15 percent girls, depending on the discipline. Chemical and Bio Engineering courses have a higher percentage of girls, Mechanical and Civil have a smaller percentage, and then there is Electrical with a even more small percentage.

The question after that, is there a problem with this? We all agree yes it would be lovely to have more ladies but is it a problem no way! It is only a problem if you make it a problem, plus on the first day of freshers week every engineer, every student is in the same boat. Homesick, nervous, excited and possibly a little hungover from the crazy Sheffield socials! At the end of the day, whether your a boy or a girl, you are here to study a engineering degree and from my own experiences nobody wants to see anyone struggle, fail or feel left out.

Open Day

Engineers have to be awesome team players and we all work as a team when; helping each other with revision, lab reports, computer class, that super hard tutorial question that is driving you insane, working the washing machine, changing light bulbs, am sure you get it by now but we help each other with EVERYTHING! from day one to the end.

How is studying engineering? Obviously it is hard, its an engineering degree at the University of Sheffield and their standards are high for their students. But you are not alone, you have personal tutors who you meet every 2 weeks usually where you talk university things, tutorial questions, lecture problems. You can go to your personal tutor for anything, and they tend to stay with you through all your university time.

You will have lectures with great lecturers that want you to ask questions, it shows them that you are listening and not asleep on the back row. Lecturers will hand out tutorial

open day 14 septemberquestions, leave them in a specific place or online for you to print; then you should try to complete before the tutorial session then you can ask them to explain bits, or help with any difficulties you have.

Plus course friends, so group sessions in the library working through lectures, reports and tutorials will be a regular thing along with chatting and eating everything you see. In addition to all that, 2-3 project weeks a year in your discipline and between other disciplines. So your years at Sheffield will be super busy, hard work but well worth it, so embrace it and always look forward!!

The BIG FINAL QUESTION! What is it like to study in Sheffield? Amazing, everything is so close to the campus so you can literally walk everywhere unless its raining, therefore jump on a bus or tram. It is that good, students don’t want to leave! They stay doing their PhD, now you need alot of motivation and commitment to do that.

So if your coming to Sheffield in September, then we will see you soon! Pop to see us at the Activities Fair on the 26th September. If your thinking of coming to Sheffield; we have probably already met at the University Open Day, if not then we will see you at future Open Days. 

If you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer all questions no matter how big or small

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