Daisy Bradley

Position: Outreach Officer

Hi, I’m Daisy and I’m a 3rd year aerospace engineering student, and one of the outreach officers for the Women in Engineering society. This means that Fatima and I work together, along with other members of the committee, to arrange site visits, stands at external events (like the Big Bang fair), the fresher’s activities fair and workshops within the community, like at Brownies and Beavers. My favourite part so far has been running the Women’s Wednesday blog with Mehar, as it is so exciting to be able to connect with these amazing women and learn their stories.

Why Engineering?
I chose aerospace engineering because I thought it would be really interesting to learn about the way things are done in industry now, as well as how they will need to adapt for the future. Taking an interdisciplinary engineering degree also means that I have gained a lot of transferable skills and have a little experience in almost all of the other engineering departments.

Why Women in Engineering?
I joined the Women in Engineering society during the pandemic as I needed some human interaction! I took part in the mentoring scheme and many of the online socials, and found a supportive, fun community of women just like me. Everyone in the society is there to help and bring each other up, and the range of activities we organise have taught me a lot and truly enhanced my university experience.

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