Ellie Bibby

Position in the committee: Treasurer

As treasurer, I will ensure the societies finances are always up to date while keeping the committee informed. I will ensure all the socials and events throughout the year are properly funded so that they all run smoothly and we all have a great time! This year as part of the committee, I hope to keep the WiE network strong and engaged throughout the academic year & make all new members welcome!

Why engineering?
I’m currently a second year Chemical Engineering student and hopefully doing a year in industry next year. Being from the north of England, Sheffield has always been one of the universities I really wanted to go to as the student population is really diverse & the city is super friendly! When applying for University initially, I wasn’t even sure what engineering was and how diverse the subject is! I already loved maths at school & I knew I wanted a career where I could do something valuable and make a difference in society but it was actually my best friend who told me I should look into Chemical Engineering & since then I have never looked back!

What made you initially decide to join the Women in Engineering Society?
Coming to university, I didn’t know anyone from my hometown & I thought I was going to be the only girl on my course! By joining Women in Engineering, it created a network of other female engineers that I could relate to & that is so valuable at university, especially when engineering courses are a lot more demanding than most.

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