Katherine Young

Role: Industrial Relations Officer

Hi! My name is Katherine and I’m a 3rd Year aerospace engineering student. This academic year I’ll be your Industrial Relations Officer meaning l’ll be arranging all sorts of events to ensure everyone has the best access to industry possible, as well as improving relations with our industrial partners to make sure WiE can continue to deliver the brilliant work we’re known for!

‘Why engineering?’

When I was little my parents would take me to a lake in the Cotswolds every summer to camp, swim and watch the Royal International Air Tattoo. Seeing helicopter, jet fighters and convoy planes streaking through the clouds filled my head with so many questions about how they fly, how their engines work, why were the wings different shapes, and I guess I’ve just been trying to answer those questions ever since.

‘Why women in engineering?’

It all comes down to community. In such a male-dominated field it’s good to know you have such an amazing group of women who’ve got your back.

‘One word that describes our community?’


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