Lois John

Role: Volunteering Officer

Hi it’s Lois, i’m a 3rd year bioengineer and as volunteering officer I run the engineering club. We take volunteers into local primary schools and engage the children with engineering disciplines with fun and interactive activities

‘Why engineering?’

Honestly? An open day mistake. I wanted to do biotechnology or biochem but ended up on the bioengineering talk. I never specifically wanted to do engineering and never thought I was smart enough to but I was really interested in bioengineering and so just went for it.

‘Why women in engineering?’

Women in Engineering was one of the only societies I got involved in in my first year that was impacted by the pandemic. I volunteered in the engineering club and everyone was really warm and welcoming. Volunteering really helped me when I struggled that year and I want to extend that experience to others.

‘One word that describes our society?’


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