Maidah Arshad

Role: Inclusions Officer

Hi, i’m Maidah, a 4th year Bioengineering student, and this year I am the Inclusions Officer for Women in Engineering. My role entails making sure that everyone feels accepted within the society. I am mainly responsible for the mentoring scheme lead by the society. This is a great opportunity for both the mentor and mentee, as the mentor will be able to develop communication and leadership skills whilst the mentee will gain insight into how to manage academic workload and the steps they need to take to gain placements and graduate roles.

‘Why engineering?’
I have always enjoyed maths and have been interested to see how it can be applied in various ways. After some research I came across Bioengineering which highly intrigued me to pursue it as a career. The interdisciplinary nature of the field and the positive impact it has on peoples’ lives has made it really rewarding to study.

‘Why women in engineering?’

Since a young age I haven’t really been surrounded by people, especially women, in STEM. So through joining WiE I wanted to find like-minded people that I could relate to. Through joining the society, it has further enhanced my passion for engineering and hope to inspire young girls to pursue a career in STEM.

‘One word to describe our society:’


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